Build Teams

Do Blackbaud’s tools power your organization?  Build Teams powers those tools for your organization and unlock their true potential.

Tomorrow’s best nonprofits focus today on the information and data vital to their transformation. They unlock its potential through a well-organized information strategy that is led and managed by experienced and collaborative database administrators.

Build Teams provides outsourced nonprofit CRM data management services that will help your development/fundraising operations thrive with outsourced CRM data managers with deep Development operations experience.

Data excellence drives organizational advancement

When your systems manage you, rather than the other way around

Organizations that have costly systems to collect, manage and analyze data, but no way to unlock their potential, miss key insights. This leads to lower revenue, poorly managed relationships, or programs that can’t be meaningfully measured.

Why Build Teams succeed

To take your organization to the next level, our expert database administrators combine deep nonprofit experience with a set of best practices. We provide you with all the benefits of an high-caliber internal database administrator, without the need for you to recruit or train for that role in a market where high-quality talent is hard to find and difficult to retain

Build Teams enhances your operations

Our administrators make your team more effective by:

  • Embedding an experienced team member who drives the kind of change necessary to get the most of your key systems
  • Backing up your team member with our bench of experts in nonprofit technology.
  • Engaging key departments within your organization to ensure current activities are well supported, future needs are planned for, and communication is frequent.
  • Identify opportunities for your organization to better use data to drive fundraising, program success and efficiency in all areas.
  • Prioritize, sequence and manage process, data and technology projects

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