Information Strategy

We develop and support strategies for nonprofit organizations to manage and leverage the vast amount of information they need to thrive.

We founded Build Consulting to address these four fundamental information strategy challenges experienced by our clients:

  • Continuous innovation is needed to deliver on heightened expectations for impact/outcome data and to support more comprehensive constituent engagement strategies
  • It can be difficult to translate organizational goals into prioritized technology requirements
  • Information technology implementation doesn’t occur fast enough to meet organizational goals
  • It is difficult for organizations to find experienced nonprofit information strategists to assist them with critical projects

Build Consulting positions your organization to meet these broad challenges, and most importantly helps meet the challenges specific to your mission. Our consulting experience spans all of your organization’s functional areas, including Fund Development, Programs, Advocacy/Organizing, Membership, Volunteers, Finance, HR, and Information Technology.

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» Free Download: “Build an Information Strategy for Your Organization” (pdf)


Technology-driven information management plays an ever-increasing role in helping nonprofits understand the world around them—and their impact on it. Download this whitepaper to unlock the potential in your technology and data.

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